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The Nanoosi mission is to change the quality of kitchens for the better, one person, one kitchen and one city at a time. To achieve this, we are committed to engaging with our customers and communities while providing products at a fiercely competitive rate.


As homeowners ourselves, we appreciate value and quality and aim to offer the highest quality components and materials with a particular attention to detail and technology.


Between cast iron and enamel support, induction and ceramic, gas and electric hobs, stainless steel to glass finishes, we are confident you will be able to fulfil your kitchen vision with Nanoosi.

Nanoosi supplies a wide range of Kitchens also wide range of Appliances like range hoods, ovens, hobs dishwashers and various kitchen appliances that empower you to improve your kitchen and achieve your vision.


We are a local New Zealand company established over a decade ago in 2006. Nanoosi expanded horizons by traveling to Italy and China and meeting some of the most influential appliance manufacturers in the world.


The vision to provide the luxury of owning and using high end appliances at an affordable price was realized and Nanoosi continues to offer this to customers nationwide. Our business has expanded greatly over the years and our wide range of quality kitchen components and style options has grown accordingly.


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